Welcome to our yoga home in 2024!

Ancient Mystical Teachings Divulged…….Bhagavad Gita Scripture Study Group

Break your own boundaries! This is an ongoing examination of the path to liberation of the soul from the confines of the small mortal self and how we can begin this journey step by step in our own lives. It dates back to the 5th century BC…….and offers timeless teachings and guidance on our true nature and purpose in life. If interested please contact JoAnna at [email protected] ~ See more details on “Bhagavad Gita” page

Next Kirtan Saturday, April 6th 2024….at 3:45-5:45pm

Mantra chanting is a powerful combination of sounds that resonate deep within the heart…..affecting our state of consciousness and awakening in us a deep cellular memory of joy, peace…..and a longing to return to Spirit!

Some chants are in English….no experience necessary…….only an open mind and heart! Cost: $10 You can sign up to reserve a spot using Paypal on the “Current Classes” page

Yoga Nidra and Sounds Celestial Friday, April 19th with soundscape alchemist, Lydia Riedell and yoga instructor/devotee, JoAnna Valentine

Nada Yoga means “yoga of sound.”  The Sanskrit word Nada translates as sound, tone, or vibration. We are combining these two practices into one rich and transformative experience……. to foster a deeper, inward listening to or perception of the pure sound and experience of your own inner spirit. Cost $20. Sign up to reserve your spot using PayPal on the “Current classes page!